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Jonah comes from a dimension beyond our universe, a nonphysical dimension of light, color, and sound. Through medium Hossca Harrison, Jonah has come forth to assist in opening the heart, to bring a message of freedom, and to teach universal loving.

The Teachings of Jonah was created from early taped series of Jonah's messages. Author Constance Luciano transcribed and edited these tapes to provide Jonah's teachings in written form.

The lessons offered in The Teachings of Jonah include:

  • How to get in touch with our spirituality
  • How death is a birth into another reality
  • How our thoughts and understandings determine what type of reality we will be born into when we die
  • How disease is created and what the relationship is between the mind, the emotions, and the body
  • How meditation is both a tool and a technique
  • How to enhance the true bonding within ourselves, our families, and amongst our loved ones
  • How prophecies and predictions are made and what they are
Jonah has helped thousands of people with his messages. His teachings prompt all of us to accept complete responsibility for who and what we are.

"Are you looking for a powerful book of universal spiritual principles that can heal and transcend outdated belief systems? Jonah's profound messages of true spirituality and unconditional love allow readers to reconnect with the truth in their own hearts. Teachings are grouped by topics, like The God Of Life, Sexuality, and The Fear-Aspect of World Consciousness. Every page of this book delivers a powerful message of hope and peace. With great courage and a deep commitment to humanity, Luciano and Harrison have brought this Master's ancient teachings to the 21st Century."

Jacqueline Lloyd, author of The Thief of Sacred

"The Teachings of Jonah is a literal road map on this journey we call life. Through these pages we learn how to change our old programmed thinking and are given the tools to do it with. Jonah teaches we can live in joy or in pain; it is our choice. Each chapter contains a different topic which makes it easy to focus on a particular area. Through these teachings we learn that the universe is only as limited as we allow our imagination and beliefs to be. Luciano and Harrison have adeptly put into words what our hearts long to know and live."

Jenavie Brandt

"I have read a number of books on spirituality and have enjoyed them, however, this book has some very clear, no nonsense information. I have gone back to re-read several of the chapters. I found the chapter on death to be insightful and helpful in driving change for improving life."


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The Teachings of Jonah
The Teachings of Jonah
by Hossca Harrison

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