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Hi Hossca,

I got your book last week and I have to tell you I couldn't put it down! It was just awesome! I don't think I can put into words all that I felt as I read it. It is an incredible journey you have made and one that brought many emotions forward as I read. I want to thank you, for sharing such a personal part of your self with all of us, once again! From my heart I thank you and A Big Congratulations!


Dear Hossca,

I received the two copies of your book, yesterday. Thank you so much.

I read the book yesterday and I've started re-reading it today. I feel it has much to offer beyond the obvious outrageous and inspiring nature of your story. I feel that with my intent, reading about your experiences allows my consciousness to open to new realms of my own expanded beingness.

THANK YOU to you and Jonah and Rebecca and (y)our family in Malinus for working to relieve the Sleeping Sickness in this 3D. I am so grateful for being a part of your Initiation experience in 3D.


Dear Hossca,

I read the Tide of Change and am finding it difficult to express in words how powerful and how grateful I feel for both of you sharing your amazing and incredible life with us. For me to see and have some understanding of how powerful your lives have been with each other and all the souls you touch. I can't describe or express in words how touched and appreciative I am in being a small part of your lives.

With much love and gratitude,


I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for you and Hossca bringing Jonah to this planet at this time. I just finished Hossca's book Tide of Change, WOW!!! There really are no words to describe what I feel, it is AWESOME! Thank you all so much!



I am enjoying your book and reviving my remembrances of much that happened. What a ride!!!

Love Aunt Lillian...Washington

Hi Hossca and Rebecca,

I just ate up your book! Love it. It read just like you sound. The book is so genuine and real, it is a true treat. Reading it brought me back over some sweet memories of a special time in my life, including lovely time spent with the two of you. Such a rich treasure of good solid and fun times and experiences I've shared with you and yours.

I really enjoyed reading about where you came from to enter Daryl's body, Hossca. I could see it all so clearly as I read. Knowing this piece makes the whole work. In my mind, I mean. What am I trying to say? It all makes such sense and it feels good to have the puzzle pieces fit together.

Be well, dear friends, hugs,


We LOVE your book Tide of Change. We are up to chapter 9. We had forgotten so much of that stuff you write about. I still remember the first time Kitesa talked to me while you were still going to Calof. Also soon after you got back from your trip to Canada and Yellow Stone you all were over at our house and you had been giving a reading then suddenly Chief Joseph came thru with a message for Dad. He spoke very softly. You guys have surely led a very interesting life.

Thanks again for the beautiful book.

Love to all,
Tom and Bonnie...California

Dear Hossca and Rebecca and Tina,

I am writing to say Thank You so much for publishing Tide of Change!!

Eileen left a copy of your book on my doorstep while I was away on holidays this week. I read it though in one sitting immediately upon arriving home yesterday. It is a very confirming read, and a compelling personal and collective story.

Rebecca, I marveled at how easily you transitioned with Hossca into your true purpose in this lifetime! Also, when I saw your photo on the website just now, I was met by your spirit and appreciated the welcome! Thank you.

Hossca, your description of your experiences helps very much to support me in validating my own, and the intuitions of others I encounter in my work. I loved every page of your story. I am excited to feel apart of this journey. I am also excited to see my next rainbow.

Thank You All, in Unity, Love, Truth, Joy, Peace and Eternity,

Dear Hossca,

Your story "Tide of Change" is a must read for anyone who thinks their journey is hard. Knowing one can experience and learn from such a journey is a song to my heart.


Tide of Change, by Hossca Harrison, is one of the best autobiographies I have read for a myriad of reasons. First, his book captures the reader's interest almost immediately. He does not seem to exaggerate in his writing, nor does he write about information that does not directly relate to the story line. Many autobiographies tend to drift or lose interest fairly easily. Another reason that it is a wonderful read is the emotional impact it has on the reader. Hossca, and the entities who speak through him, speak of unconditional love-give and take. They speak of a love for and from God that is above and beyond what religion teaches. He also speaks of life long learning-regardless of whether it is in a classroom or the learning that occurs when one is truly living one's life! How exciting it can be to truly live a life without fear, anger, or judgment. When someone reads the book, he or she might ponder the possibility of it, and it definitely seems very possible-to live rather than survive. If a person is seeking guidance in God, spirituality, and humanity, then this book will provide all of that-and more if the reader allows it and accepts it.


My Dear Hossca,

I just read your book Tide of Change. Such an inspiration for me during my time of testing. I now know I can succeed. Will your book be made into a movie? I should hope so. My love to all who have helped make your journey into print.


Dear Rebecca,

I just finished reading Hossca's book Tide of Change. If I were a Hollywood producer I would love to make a movie from this book. With the hope your message would resonate through out the world. What a great movie it would make. As Jonah said to me "Two steps forward and one step back." A long journey, but is sure worth it.

To both of you
My deepest appreciation

Dear Hossca,

Your book arrived three days ago and I finished reading it in the wee hours early this morning. I couldn't rest until I finished. It is wonderful and thank you so much for sharing who you are, what you've experienced and what "Life" is really like.

The whole thing was riveting and I especially identified with the dream at the end when you described your moments before coming to 3D Earth to assist.

Hossca, having read your book I feel more assured and empowered, that no matter how wild and wacky my world may get with the veil thinning or whatever the heck, Hossca can navigate his way with integrity, I can learn to too.

Love, Light and Blessings,

Tide of Change
Tide of Change
by Hossca Harrison

Now Available

Why the NBC Today Show, Seattle Times, Denver Post, Boulder Camera, Longmont Times, Time magazine, and many others find this man's story to be astounding. Hossca Harrison in his own words writes, this book is not about phenomena, although phenomena are part of the story. This book tells about an emotional journey between life and death that begins in Central America and ends in England. It encompasses my journey through two near-death experiences over an eleven-year period.

-Hossca Harrison

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